Replacing your acid-forming diet with alkaline-forming foods could be the easiest and yet the most important health decision you have ever made. By Catherine Eden   Advances in medicine and science have not changed the fact that the human race is riddled with illness. Heart disease, AIDS and cancer continue to take their toll, and a host of less life threatening but debilitating ailments affect the quality of everyday life. We […]

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  Is it really too late to achieve your dreams, or are you just stuck in a fearful thought pattern that’s preventing you from flying? By Catherine Eden   Courage is a commodity we all admire. When we hear that someone has sailed single handed across the ocean or back-packed alone through Africa, our likely response is, ‘How brave! I’d never be able to do that!’ Maybe that’s true, but […]

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Are we on earth by accident, or are we here to fulfil our potential and to be of service to others? Whatever your view, by making the most of yourself you can make the most of your life By CATHERINE EDEN We all know extraordinary human beings; people who carry a certain air of greatness, regardless of their circumstances. It’s not money or power or looks that does it; it’s […]

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  When my grandmother was in her fifties she described herself as an old woman. My mother, at the same age, talked of soon being ‘over the hill’. Physiologically, I’m no more youthful than my mother and grandmother were at 50, but I crossed that threshold in a slinky red dress and came home from my party to plan a bright new decade. Does this prove that age is nothing […]

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