You’d like a holiday in a French château? Mais oui, c’est possible – it just depends on who you know When I was in France I stayed in a château, as one does on any proper European tour. What? You haven’t stayed in a château? Eau, you poor thing! Let me tell you how it’s done. First, you have to know Lanie van Reenen. Don’t let that gorgeous, sexy blonde […]

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Change is as inevitable as night and day. You can resist it or embrace it, but you can’t avoid it. When you reach the cliff at the end of your comfort zone, do you have what it takes to fly? By Catherine Eden   At midnight on the last day of a fairly torrid 2007, my friend Lissie raised her champagne glass and said to me, ‘Happy new year, and […]

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  It’s out earliest encounters with money that set the scene for our financial foibles   When I was three years old, my family spent a holiday at a guest farm outside Cape Town. While we were there, my father fell ill and took to his bed for two or three days, putting a damper on our activities. I don’t recall if it was compassion or the realisation that desperate […]

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  Cape Town’s Whale Trail is a scenic wonder, but you’ll need more stamina and stouter walking shoes than Catherine Eden had . . .    My energetic neighbour was scandalised when I declined her invitation to join a party of women walking the five-day Whale Trail. ‘People fly to Cape Town from all over the world to do it,’ she told me sternly. ‘Do you know how rare it […]

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