Given up on love? It’s worth keeping the door open, even if romance seems to be passing you by By CATHERINE EDEN   To love and be loved is the most basic of human requirements, so it’s not surprising that we expend so much energy searching for partnership, and panic when relationships don’t work out. We buy into the false belief that there are no suitable partners, or that we […]

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Your chronological age cannot be changed, but your attitude can. Whether you are 25, 85, or somewhere in-between, loving your stage of life is entirely in your own hands By CATHERINE EDEN   Remember when you were a child and your greatest longing was to be a grown-up who lived by her own rules? And when you became that independent adult, remember how you thought back longingly to the carefree […]

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Forget car trouble. These days it’s a computer crisis that brings out the hero in men. By Catherine Eden   Recently, my temperamental computer launched a campaign to break my spirit. All week long it accused me of illegal activity and bombarded me with messages that my modem had vanished. Impossible! I never move the modem. I don’t even know where it is. I phoned my friend the computer wizard […]

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By Catherine Eden   Why would you give your child your name when he cannot – and should not – be like you? It’s quite shocking to think that when we decide to have children, we might be more invested in preserving ourselves than in nurturing new life, but this is often the case. On some deep level, children who are given their parents’ names probably sense a requirement to […]

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