Catherine Eden has a background in social science, teaching and journalism, and has been a professional writer for 20 years. Since 2000 she has worked as a freelance writer and editor for numerous publications, specialising in complementary health and self-development. An interest in emotional and spiritual intelligence led her into the field of corporate training and facilitation. She offers courses in creative writing, professional communication and journal writing for personal growth. […]

Elected Silence, by Thomas Merton (Hollis & Carter) Merton’s autobiography, The Seven-storey Mountain, was published in 1948, and this, the British version, came out the following year. My mother acquired her copy at a second-hand book sale, by the look of it. Someone else first owned the scuffed black hardcover in 1954. All I knew about Merton was that he was a writer and a monk; one of those remarkably […]

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