Tired of making killer commitments every New Year’s Eve that you abandon by the middle of January? Try drawing up a list of realistic, rejuvenating resolutions to simplify your life and make the most of every moment. By CATHERINE EDEN   It’s another new year, and once again, you are faced with the challenge of taking stock of your life and setting some goals for the future. But even as […]

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CATHERINE EDEN spent a week at a health farm and emerged thinner and wiser, with a lifelong commitment to broccoli   It began, as many great plans do, in a coffee shop. A woman I know walked in looking magnificent, and two friends and I decided there and then that we wanted a dose of whatever she was on. St Francis Health Centre in Port Alfred had brought about this […]

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Anneliese Cowley, complementary health consultant, therapist and director of St Francis Health Centre in Port Alfred, sees the angel in everyone she meets.  But as the saying goes, it takes one to know one. By CATHERINE EDEN   St Francis Health Centre is tucked away down a rough farm road, far away from the country’s major centres. But its remote location doesn’t deter the local and international guests who come […]

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Asperger’s Syndrome expresses itself across a huge range of capacities, from semi-functional to eccentric genius. Science has not yet delivered a cause or a cure for the condition that makes ordinary life so difficult for so many, but when it does, it may also find a way for the rest of us to access our dormant creative power. By Catherine Eden     In Born on a Blue Day (Hodder) […]

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