Session one: A discussion about creativity and how to access it. The idea is to get out of the analytical left brain and into the imaginative right brain to allow ideas to flow. We talk about the internal critic, our writing goals; the power of words and the richness of our personal histories. You write best when you write about what you know, so we start with your own story.  […]

How often do you stop and take stock of your life? When last did you ask yourself who you really are – not the roles you play, but the awareness that remains when the masks are stripped away? When last did you value the richness of your own life story? Taking time to explore these and other questions is not self-indulgent; it’s exercise for the soul, just as stretching and […]

Catherine Eden has a background in social science, teaching and journalism, and has been a professional writer for 20 years. Since 2000 she has worked as a freelance writer and editor for numerous publications, specialising in complementary health and self-development. An interest in emotional and spiritual intelligence led her into the field of corporate training and facilitation. She offers courses in creative writing, professional communication and journal writing for personal growth. […]

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