‘If I ever lose my mind, just push me off a cliff; I’d hate to be a burden.’ That’s what my mother used to say when she was still effortlessly managing a job and a home; cooking Sunday lunch for the extended family; engaging in political debate and devouring books that spanned topics from mystery to mysticism. I can see her, perched on a kitchen stool in her satiny nightdress, […]

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A woman with only a cat for company has no time to be lonely. A woman with a cat is a woman in training. Eva came to me as all cats do; in response to a psychic call. A home had been found for her kittens but not for her, so, identifying with her status as a rootless single woman with some living under her belt, I invited her in. […]

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Foot problems? Here’s the rub: it’s not what you step out in but how you step out that matters When I was a little girl I wore black lace-up shoes. I called them my ‘built-ups’ because they had an inner sole designed to create an arch where nature had omitted to give me one. Pretty shoes were not for me: I had to wear those horrid built-ups every day, with […]

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The directions to Sutherland couldn’t be easier: take the N1 from Cape Town and turn left at Matjiesfontein. That’s it. Sheila, my Virgo companion, is convinced that there has to be more to a five-hour journey, so she invests in not one but two maps, neither of which is required. Sutherland is a dry, undeveloped town. The church steeple dominates the skyline and although there are several guest houses offering […]

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