Moments before sunrise, the beach is a low-tide swathe of silvery sand, cold and firm underfoot. The water is flat and grey, skimmed by seagulls and ploughed, with miniscule splashes, by two stalwarts taking their morning exercise. I breathe deeply, enjoying the freedom of this place that has always restored and calmed me. There are no man-made sounds; only the slap of small waves and the ring of fresh, salty […]

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How often do you stop and take stock of your life? When last did you ask yourself who you really are – not the roles you play, but the awareness that remains when the masks are stripped away? When last did you value the richness of your own life story? Taking time to explore these and other questions is not self-indulgent; it’s exercise for the soul, just as stretching and […]

Forget car trouble. These days it’s a computer crisis that brings out the hero in men. By Catherine Eden   Recently, my temperamental computer launched a campaign to break my spirit. All week long it accused me of illegal activity and bombarded me with messages that my modem had vanished. Impossible! I never move the modem. I don’t even know where it is. I phoned my friend the computer wizard […]

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Celebrating a young woman’s transition to adulthood has surprising benefits for everyone involved in the ritual. CATHERINE EDEN spoke to mothers, daughters and mentors who have made an ancient custom part of their Western tradition Rites of passage are as old as the hills; vital to maintaining the fabric of traditional societies and an essential form of ceremony in cultures around the world. But the West, neglectful of the old […]

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