Healing goes high-tech with the remarkable Quantum Xrroid machine, which has brought modern medicine to the brink of a brave new world



If you are a computer junkie, this one is for you: a programme that interacts with the subtle energies of your body, scanning it for disease and stimulating it to begin its own process of repair. It sounds like science fiction, but it’s not. It’s a profoundly exciting development in health care, made possible by great advances in technology and an expanding awareness of the vibrational realm.

The QX machine, developed in the USA, was the result of 20 years of research in the energy medicine field, and the combined efforts of a team of medical, computing and electronic specialists led by Bill Nelson. It was introduced to South Africa in August 2000, amidst considerable controversy. After all, if people were to discover the secret to self-healing, medicine as we know it would be radically affected.

The machine is an electro-magnetic device that looks like an ordinary computer, with the addition of wires attached to sensor bands that are strapped round the patient’s skull, wrists and ankles. Sixty-five million tiny impulses map the body, recording its voltage, amperage and resistance. The machine measures hydration and oxidation; it scans for parasites, viruses and heavy metals; it can tell you if you have serious degeneration of cell tissue, food sensitivities or holes in your teeth.

In approximately 90 minutes it gathers data that would normally take weeks to collate, making it a speedy and helpful assessment tool. But what sets it apart from other machines that work with subtle energies is its ability to boost the body’s resources so that it can start healing itself. It does this by feeding in frequencies that create an environment that is inhospitable to parasites and viruses, and that detoxify and balance stressed areas.

Based on the messages it receives from the patient’s energy system, it picks an appropriate therapy (colour therapy, electro-acupuncture meridian therapy, or desensitisation therapy, for example) and gets to work at once. The process is sensation free, other than a slight tingling in the body or occasional pressure in the head. A therapist is in constant attendance, and, as an extra safeguard, a built-in alarm system is activated the moment the body decides it has had enough input.

Results range from encouraging to spectacular. After treatment on the QX a partially-sighted woman who had a build-up of asbestos around the optic nerve regained 80 percent of her vision. It helps wounds heal faster and gets to the root cause of pain.

‘It has brought together the expanding field of quantum physics technology to produce a medical tool which appears to be beyond belief,’ says Dr Lawrence Retief of Edenvale. ‘I have been astonished by its abilities. It’s proven to be very effective, particularly in difficult cases of chronic illness.’

Fundamental to energy medicine is the understanding that disease is often caused by factors beyond our conscious awareness. Our bodies react with subtle changes, and it is these reactions that the QX machine reads. Neither the doctor nor the patient knows what is being tested until the computer spells out its findings, without bias and in order of priority. Allopathic medicine is inclined to fight the symptoms of illness rather than the cause. The body eventually adapts to unresolved stress, but although the symptoms may disappear, the problem remains active at a deep level.

‘The value of the QX machine is that it can help find the cause of persistent problems that can’t be fixed by conventional means,’ says Cape Town medical practitioner and homeopath, Dr Leslie Emdin. ‘It’s a wonderful tool, and the subconscious programme is stunning, but you still need a professional person to interpret the data. It’s possible for a person to override the computer if he or she is in a strong state of denial, so the doctor needs to combine a clinical assessment with the information from the QX in order to understand what is really going on with the patient.’

A machine can never be a substitute for a compassionate ear, but one that helps energy medicine go mainstream has got to rank as a major milestone in medical history.


Footnote: This article was never published, due to the controversy surrounding the use of QX machines


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  1. warren bezuidenhout says:

    to whom it may concern,

    would like to find a machine that is a close to Constantia as possible. Have a couple of potential clients.

    Kind regards


  2. Cathy says:

    Hi Warren, the only one I know of is at the rooms of Dr Leslie Emdin in Claremont. If you can’t get there you could phone the surgery and ask about others. Good luck.

  3. Lorraine says:

    I am sixty six years old and do not go to conventional doctors.I work a 10 – 12 hour day and every six months for the past ten years I undergo a QX assessment. Any irregularities and inbalances are immediately dealt with by the QX practitioner.I leave her rooms with the knowledge that once again my body has been helped to heal itself and remain healthy together with my positive mental outlook and good healthy nutrition.

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