Journal writing – the process of putting your thoughts down on paper and reflecting on them – is an easy, therapeutic practice that helps you explore life’s big questions and begin a constructive dialogue with yourself.

The more you write, allowing your thoughts to flow unchecked, the more you come to understand yourself. Your communication becomes more honest and your interactions more meaningful.
Developing self-awareness is a life-long undertaking, but a regular writing habit can fast-track your discoveries. The moment you ask ‘Who am I?’ or ‘Is this it?’ you become a witness to your own life, your strengths, challenges and dreams.

The process is private and personal. You will work with questions but will not be asked to share your answers. It is an individual journey that you take at your own pace and in your own way. You don’t need special writing ability; all you need is some quiet time and a willingness to get to know yourself.

There are no rules to journal writing and no guarantees of where it will take you. What it will do, however, is give you a route into your inner world, expand your creativity, help you process change and discover hidden resources.

Venue: Small groups meet once a week in an informal home setting in Rondebosch, Cape Town.
Times: Morning sessions run from 9.15 – 11.45am, evening sessions are from 7.15 – 9.45pm.


Course one: Self awareness
Beginning the journey of self discovery; identifying beliefs and blocks to growth
Session one: Introduction to journal writing, exploring roles and your personal story
Session two: Self esteem and the subconscious mind, recognising your programming
Session three: Managing energy, releasing the past and living in the present, finding purpose

Course two: Archetypes
Understanding the purpose of your individual ‘signatures’
Session one: The four survival archetypes and how they play out in your life
Session two: Identifying and enlisting the help of other archetypal patterns

Course three: Energy centres
Working with questions related to major life lessons and issues
Session one: Introduction to energy work and the chakra system. Chakra one: tribe and security
Session two: Chakras two and three: Relationship, power, money, sex, self esteem
Session three: Chakras four and five: love, compassion, self expression, forgiveness
Session four: Chakras six and seven: wisdom, trust, faith, spirituality


On the last Monday evening of every second month we have a single session workshop on a particular topic: happiness, asking for help, setting goals, moving out of the comfort zone …
The workshops are open to all, but it is preferable to have completed course one before attending these sessions.

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