Do your staff members need to improve their writing ability, their general communication skills or the quality of the service they offer to customers?

Half or full-day workshops are offered to companies who would like to equip their employees with some useful tools that can be used in their personal lives as well as at work.

General communication

Communication is a conversation that requires appreciation of verbal and non-verbal messages, the ability to listen, awareness of others’ points of view, and the confidence and maturity to cope with difficult situations.

This workshop covers these key areas, as well as self esteem, taking action and managing stress.

There is a practical component in which participants have the opportunity to practise listening, giving feedback and handling telephone conversations.

Certificates are presented on completion of the full-day programme.

Clients: Plumstead Electrical, Okavango Electrical, Bauer Opticians

Comments and feedback:

“You were right on the button”

“The course is extremely beneficial”

“We really needed something like this”

“It is important for the company’s growth as well as our personal growth”

“This course has provided me with new tools and skills”

Written communication

Poorly written reports, letters and emails damage a company’s reputation. In this workshop, employees who are responsible for communicating with colleagues or the public learn about different writing styles (code, polite, familiar and casual), appropriate forms of address, and avoidance of jargon and slang.

We refresh some basic grammar principles, review punctuation and work through several common language mistakes and how to avoid them.

Participants get some tips on writing for an audience that has a low level of literacy and learn how to keep their writing simple and to the point.

Practical examples of unprofessional writing are provided for participants to correct.

Clients: AfroAnt, School of Social Work, University of Cape Town, Habitat for Humanity

Comments and feedback::

“We had lovely feedback and the content and presentation were first rate”

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